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Internet eXpress

Life Insurance BGAs & Financial Advisors –Preferred Cloud Document Management System with over 8,000 Users!

600+ Insurance Trading Partners Exchanged over 70 Million Documents in 2019! Internet eXpress is the industry standard highway for Secure Document Exchange


  • Easy Drag & Drop Documents
  • Integrates with Outlook Email
  • AMS Case Management Integration
  • Secure Transmission of Documents via Internet eXpress
  • Uses “Document Types” Life Insurance Standards
  • Standardized Meta Data
  • Multiple Security Features
  • Optimized for a Tablet


  • FOR Carriers, Distributors, Medical Service Providers and Integrates with other Vendor platforms
  • Sending/Receiving Documents To/From Many Trading Partners
  • Real Time Document Tracking
  • Data Dictionary
  • Integrated Workflow with PaperClip’s VCF Document Management System
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Internet eXpress was designed to be the internet version of Federal Express, simply, the electronic alternative. Trading partners of all sizes with the need to exchange electronic documents both ways knew “One to One” models were not efficient and chose Internet eXpress, a “Many to Many” model which partners could easily connect to and pay for what they used.  Internet eXpress supports the Electronic Document eXchange Standard 3.1 (EDX), a public standard for packaging and indexing electronic documents (i.e., TIFF, PDF, DOC, XLS, WAV, etc.) for exchange.


Internet eXpress integrates with virtually any electronic document management that supports an import/export capability.  Internet eXpress Package Translator System supports the translation of EDX Packages to many import/export formats (i.e., XML, CSV, and Paired Values).  Configuration only requires mapping your translator to the many Internet eXpress industry data dictionaries.  The Internet eXpress service is designed not to be an IT development project, but a configuration effort typically done in a few days.  Internet eXpress today supports over twelve different vendor solutions integrated and exchanging.

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