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Top 10 Criterion for Selecting a Life Insurance Vendor & Platform:

  1.   Best fit for your current & future needs (closest alignment)
  2.   Competitive Price
  3.   Market Size (Years of experience)
  4.   Quality of Service (Reputation and Brand)
  5.   Speed to market (Implementation maintaining HQ)
  6.   Agility plus openness in customization & integration
  7.   Some self-service administration
  8.   Partner relationship
  9.   User experience & API
  10.   Industry standards (Easily share data with trading partners)

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Agency Management System: Centralize Equisoft Click Here
Agent Portal Platform: Self Service Portal Equisoft Click Here
APS Analysis: eXtractPlus eNoah  Click Here
Call Center: CallComplete ApplicInt Click Here
Digitize Paper/Image Applications: Mojo PaperClip Click Here
Document Exchange: Internet eXpress PaperClip Click Here
Document Management: Virtual Client Folder (VCF) PaperClip Click Here
eApp: ExpressComplete
ApplicInt Click Here
eApp: No Code – API Management Research Services (mrs) Click Here
eApp: Consumer Click-To-Buy Nimbus Insurance Click Here
eApp: U*Complete ApplicInt Click Here
eApp: Consumer Direct Insurance Tools Employee Pooling Click Here
Illustrations: OPUS™ Illustrations illustrate inc Click Here
Illustrations: Illustrate Equisoft Click Here
Illustrations & Presentations: Ensight Ensight Click Here
Inforce Life Policy Management Proformex Click Here
Lead Generation: Click Voyage Insurtech Express Click Here
Paramedical Examination Services IMS Click Here
Secure Email with eSigning: eM4 PaperClip Click Here
Underwriting Field UW Sales tool: eValuate Paperless Solutions Group Click Here
Underwriting Req Processing: eRequirement Paperless Solutions Group Click Here
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