eApp Straight Through Processing for Life and Annuities


eApp for Life Insurance

This page is going to focus on eApp for Life Insurance and Annuities. We are going to start with Life Insurance and all the different types of eApp as it is plugged into a Straight Through Process (STP). There are several models from a Term Ticket, Accelerated Underwriting to Simplified Issue with underwriting predictive modeling. STP includes integrated quoting, eApp, eSignature and ePolicy Delivery. These are platforms focused on the Agent to use, however we will also cover consumer facing eApp solutions for the Direct to Consumer Channel. There is a tremendous amount of information to cover. This page will continue to grow. The Life Brokerage Technology Committee (LBTC) showed the biggest InsurTech interest is in eApp and STP as a result of their annual technology surveys to Brokerage General Agencies (BGAs) and in past subcommittee participation. Most Life Carriers have developed their own eApp platforms, but at the same time also have on-boarded their products on to multi-carrier platforms such as iPipeline iGOEbix LifeSpeed, and Insurance Technologies FireLight in order to do business with specific distribution partners and be competitive. There are mobile platforms and tools used to create an integrated experience in Life Insurance Straight Through Processing such as IXN Tech’s mobile solution app. This page is not only to educate and provide resources for implementing eApp and straight through processing for Life and Annuities, but also to keep you current on new features, technology, and processes rolling-out. – Ken Leibow 



iPipeline iGO®


iGO, an intelligent fillable form, enables career and independent producers to improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and producing 100% in Good Order submissions. Hosted by iPipeline, iGO is accessible through a single sign-on via your website or a distribution partner’s website. When used with e-Signature and e-Submission, iGO users can achieve straight-through processing and speed up the sales cycle. Click here: iGO Site to Learn More 

Insurance Technologies FireLight


FireLight e-Application capabilities with robust platform features provide carriers and distributors the flexibility and tools to advance the way advisors engage clients and capture business while simplifying back office business processes. Click here: FireLight Site to Learn More 


Ebix LifeSpeed



Improve and expand the flow of your life insurance application processing by replacing paper-based hurdles with the speed and efficiency of online, Straight Through Processing automation – the LifeSpeed Platform – from EbixExchange USA. The latest technology available for insurance application processing, LifeSpeed is the new innovative means by which, BGAs, IMO’s, broker/dealers, producer/ agents, and other distribution channels can connect with – and process the sale of – products available from insurance carriers. Click here: LifeSpeed Site to Learn More 

Virtual Insurance Sales System (VISS) – FillableForms


PSG 2019-04-18 (2)

Virtual Insurance Sales System (VISS)
A web-based intelligent forms solution that can typically be up and ready for use in less than one business day.

Enabling you to import via XML ‘likely all the relevant data you have on a client onto an insurance application​​

Click here: FillableForms Site to Learn more

Quote and Apply 2019-06-04

Quote & Apply

BackNine Insurance

This straight through processing model is unique because it provides a tool that agents can use to go direct to the consumer. Multi carrier / consuming facing E application for Life Insurance. Term / GUL / Final Expense / UL with LTC (John Hancock) / IUL (minimum non mec with income – John Hancock)

Integrations with NIPR / exam one / applications docusigned. Provide agents with individual link that can be emailed to clients – also can put Quote & Apply on agents website complimentary.

Quote & Apply –  Overview Video 

Test Drive Quote & Apply  – Demo

Sign up for a complimentary account – BackNine Insurance  

ePolicy Delivery

Our industry first saw the introduction of electronic policy delivery back in late 2008 when Westcoast Life and AIG offered a simple way to digitize the process. Since then a number of insurance carriers have followed suit in building solutions of their own.  Although ACORD has developed a “guideline” to help carriers and vendors communicate there is no fully developed standard which leaves much to interpretation between parties creating these offerings.  Several industry groups actively push for further eDelivery standards and higher adoption by both carriers and distributors, these include ACORD, LIMRA, LBTC, and LDMIA to name a few. Currently there are three vendors leading the charge to offer multi-carrier solutions, each having their own unique benefits in how they service carriers and their distribution partners.  Roy Goodart 

Paperless Solutions Group – eXpedite


expedite - psg image

eXpedite offers a radically different approach to ePolicy and other document delivery with unlimited flexible workflows and the ability for both carriers and distributors to build their own business rules to manage their unique business needs differently. eXpedite gives carriers an easy and quick implementation path without needing to be PDF ready or following ridged standards.  eXpedite supports the ability to offer up-sell, other-than-applied-for, add-on and cross-selling options along with real-time policy reissue updates. Go to Paperless Solutions Group site to learn more: Let’s Talk 


There are 3 expedite documents – click below:

iPipeline DocFast


DocFast 2

Watch Video click here: iPipeline DocFast Video


DocFast® streamlines and improves the customer communication experience across the channel by digitally sending documents. Rapid digital delivery and two-way communications offers speed-to-market advantages and allows requirements to be collected with ease—communication is immediate, documents are quickly and securely delivered, and business happens at the speed of now.  Learn more on the DocFast Site


View 2 PDF DocFast documents below:

DocFast Product Overview

DocFast Info-Graphic 


Insurance Technologies FireLight e-Delivery


Insurance Technologies - FireLight-eDelivery Image

FireLight® e-Delivery automates and accelerates the electronic delivery process of any policy, contract or document, delivering a complete and enhanced digital communication and sales experience for advisors and consumers. With robust back office support and features including multiple workflow delivery options, in-good-order delivery data collection, e-signature, and delivery status and audit trail, FireLight e-Delivery reduces time, labor and cost associated with manual delivery methods. Get life, annuity and other insurance and retirement policies and documents to clients faster and efficiently with FireLight e-Delivery. FireLight e-Delivery Site


Product Overview PDF click here: FireLight e-Delivery


Life Click to Buy


Nimbus Logo Tagline-blue

NIMBUS has created a digital experience for a straight through process (STP), however what’s different from the traditional Term Life STP is that this digital platform is designed for several sales models. The end user is the consumer not the agent (No Meds, No Underwriter,  Instant Policy Approval, Instant Issue & Delivery). There are several types of insurance products like Term Insurance and Final Expense some of which are specifically designed for the platform by many Top Life Insurance Companies.


The user can run a multi-carrier quote for example and fill out the application, eSign, and make the premium payment. The system will qualify the client for the insurance they are applying from the answers to some basic medical questions, and automatically ordering RX medication prescription check, Medical Insurance Bureau Check (MIB), and Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). The results are instantly scored. This is a predictive automated underwriting process. The user experience takes about 13 minutes from quote to issue. If the the score does not come back favorably for an instant issue, then there is a workflow that can redirect the customer to alternate life products.


This truly is a sale-to-issue process in the cloud optimized for both Laptop and Mobile Devices automatically. It is designed to plug via API easily into any website.  The foundation from a sales perspective is to fit multiple sales models, therefore distribution channels like Financial Institutions, Brokerage General Agencies, Direct Marketers, and Retail Life Insurance Sales can all take advantage of the platform. The uniqueness of Nimbus is that they have removed the barrier of technology cost! Their revenue model is to participate in the commission hierarchy. They only get paid when business is placed. There are no setup fees, no license fees, no maintenance fees, and no transaction fees to using the base platform & training. There are consulting services you can purchase for additional customizations.


Click here for the Nimbus PDF Product Info: Nimbus Data Sheet 

Visit the Nimbus Website: NIMBUS


Term Life Straight Through Processing 

Direct to consumer is one of the best examples of straight-through-processing (STP). Below are 2 great examples AccuQuote and Quotacy. There are many more direct to consumer sites you can check out as well. For these multi-carrier term quotes there are 3 models: Full underwriting, Accelerated Underwriting and Predictive Underwriting. Learn more about accelerated underwriting and predictive underwriting int he Life Underwriting section of InsurTech Express.  There is a straight through process that starts with a multi-carrier quote and then apply for life insurance online. Once the policy is issued the final stage of STP is eDelivery and in most cases it is driven by the carrier.  Check out the AccuQuote and Quatacy links below and walk through the consumer experience. Also, there is a high level process flow below on using predictive modeling showing term life insurance STP.  Ken Leibow 



Quote and Apply 2019-06-04

Quote & Apply

BackNine Insurance

This straight through processing model is unique because it provides a tool that agents can use to go direct to the consumer. Multi carrier / consuming facing E application for Life Insurance. Term / GUL / Final Expense / UL with LTC (John Hancock) / IUL (minimum non mec with income – John Hancock)

Integrations with NIPR / exam one / applications docusigned. Provide agents with individual link that can be emailed to clients – also can put Quote & Apply on agents website complimentary.

Quote & Apply –  Overview Video 

Test Drive Quote & Apply  – Demo

Sign up for a complimentary account – BackNine Insurance  

accuquote 2019-05-25 (1)

Click here: AccuQuote 


Click here: Quotacy 


Flat line design website banner of development process, from idea to realization.
Click here: Term Life Process Flow 




Annuity Order Entry

Annuity eApp solutions commonly known as “AOE” was first introduced as early as 1998, however gained significant market traction around 2005 for Broker Dealers to submit business on Variable Annuities. These AOE platforms were then connected to the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) to settle premium money from client brokerage accounts and net commissions. DTCC also provided many other insurance and retirement services such as subpays on annuities, position & valuation files, and automated financial advisor licensing services. Over the years, these platforms expanded into the Financial Institutional Channel (FI) being used by banks, clearing houses, independent broker dealers and most major wire houses.  The FI distributors use these platforms for compliance review workflow, suitability analysis, subpays, and annuity maintenance. As the annuity market changed, fixed and indexed annuity products were added to the AOE platforms. Also in recent years there has been an attempt to sell a simpler version of these AOE platforms to other distribution channels. Ken Leibow 

iPipeline Affirm for Annuities

Affirm vidPoster_AFFIRM@2x

AFFIRM for Annuities is a compliance and order management system designed to integrate a carrier’s complex product rules with a distributor’s compliance processing (customized workflows and suitability reviews) to generate transactions that are “in good order”.  Compliant annuity applications are then electronically submitted to carriers for processing after successfully passing all supervisory reviews required by the distributor.

Click here: Affirm for Annuities Site 

Ebix AnnuityNet

Ebix 2019-05-26

Designed to increase annuity sales and reduce compliance risk, AnnuityNet is more efficient, more appropriate, and allows more successful transactions – at a lower cost than manual, paper-based systems. Insurance carriers report an in good order rate somewhere around 90% – often achieving 98%. These quick and simple transactions that fully meet all compliance criteria – frees sales reps to focus on servicing their clients and building their business.

Click here: AnnuityNet Site 

Insurance Technologies FireLight


FireLight® is a multi-carrier sales platform that delivers a suite of interconnected sales components that transforms the way insurance, retirement and investment products are marketed, sold and supported. Built from the ground up, FireLight provides a configurable, cost effective solution to implement and manage, while offering a consistent user experience and shared data from account opening to illustration through e-application and post-sale services. FireLight delivers unique flexibility along with a powerful rules engine, built-in e-signature, robust API capabilities and self-managing tools, efficiently supporting various lines of business, workflows and sales processes. Create cohesive sales experiences for your advisors and consumers with FireLight Sales Platform.

Click here: FireLight Site

Digitize Handwritten Insurance Applications

Mojo 2019-05-17

Everybody talks about big data with many uses starting with predictive analytics, what you never hear is how do we create usable big data and that is PaperClip Mojo, where big data begins.


PaperClip Mojo is a new Platform as a Service born in Microsoft Azure Cloud combining leading-edge Artificial Intelligent with Crowd Sourcing for Big Data processing. The ability to transcribe, translate and the interpretation of Big Data faster and more accurate than ever before is a “Game Changer”.


Cloud computing turns what took hours and days into seconds and minutes. Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies makes possible for new and improved computer processing. Crowd Sourcing reaches a global workforce enabling Six Sigma quality, polling or feedback and Machine training when needed to improve accuracy and add new capabilities never experienced before.


The capability to transform Big Data into usable data like handwriting from paper to usable data, translate audio to text or tap human responses provides new opportunity to reduce cost or add new information sources to provide a competitive edge.


New opportunities include multi-media interpretation into data allowing information never seen before used as a competitive advantage. Imagine now Realtors can send pictures to a Crowd Source group to capture room color, type of floor, how many windows, kitchen sink style and more. Working this data with predictive analytics can now show which homes may sell quicker and for more money.


Companies challenged with Machine Learning or Deep Learning solution where there is no existing training data, tapping a Crowd-Source is quick and the most affordable way to teach. When Six Sigma quality output is required, people on the fringe of the assembly line are continually looking for and correcting defects. Poll a Crowd-Source and collect data about pictures, videos, documents. Mojo is the choice when you need security, accuracy, turnaround time and economics.



View or Download the Mojo Product Overview document click here: Mojo Product Document

Schedule a demo with PaperClip click here: Mojo Site

Mojo 2019-05-17

PaperClip Mojo Updates June 4, 2019



A new addition to the Mojo list of carriers.


New Mojo Easy Portal Options

There are now more options to help process your business:

  • New Business – Formal App Pack (Standard Mojo Process)
  • Informal Business
  • Existing Business (AMS ID required)

Mojo can process your Informal Transmittal to setup the Informal record in your AMS.  Other documents such as an APS, Lab Slips etc. can be passed through to the VCF folder.


“Existing” allows for the submission of additional documents for existing business.  Simply drop the document (s) into Mojo inserting the Application or Case ID and Mojo will send the documents (s) to the VCF Folder.


Something to think about…

What if the Mojo Easy Portal was provided to your field force or sub-offices for you to receive documents?  The case can be created in your AMS and the documents auto filed in VCF.


How do you get these great features?

Please contact mojo-admin@papercilp.com for details and setup.


Current Mojo Carriers

  • American General
  • AXA
  • Banner Life
  • Banner AppAssist
  • John Hancock
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Lincoln Life of NY
  • Mutual of Omaha LTC (SmartOffice Only)
  • PacLife East / Lynchburg
  • Principal
  • Protective
  • Protective TeleLife
  • Prudential
  • Symetra
  • WIlliam Penn


Carriers on Deck

  • Nationwide
  • North American
Carrier Form Libraries Supported


Did you know…
Forms processed by the Mojo Service:

Application part 1
Payment with Application
Medical Authorizations (HIV/HIPAA)
Temporary Insurance Agreements
1035 Exchange Forms
Replacement Forms
Accelerated DB Forms
Bank Draft


Note: Documents can be dropped as one package (APPPACK)


Individual Forms may be dropped into Mojo and Doc typed per your selection from a drop-down menu and passed through to the VCF folder.


Mojo Easy Portal History

View your package history in the Portal.  You can view status by email address or all documents.

These Email Addresses are Important for you!
Service Issues

Mojo has its own Support email address. For any questions or issues, please reach out to 800-929-3503 or at mojosupport@paperclip.com.

Form Changes/Updates

If you know of any form changes and want to be sure we have the latest update, please send an email to mojo-admin@papercilp.com.  We appreciate your assistance!

Wish List

Here’s your chance to let us know your feedback and what we can do to enhance Mojo. Please email mojo-admin@paperclip.com.