Florida 12274235_10207019179025320_5297946491058667682_n

Sunny Florida at NAILBA

Breakfast in the beautiful morning outside with Rick Nefzer in Florida at NAILBA 34



Genworth On The Road Again

Genworth on the Road Again! Conferences, events and customer visits were constant at Genworth. Fun times on a Sunday back in Sept. 2013.

NAIFA 14324278_10209401988154059_273497365437617793_o

NAIFA Reception

NAIFA puts on a great conference every year. Checkout the Cool Ice Sculpture – NAIFA Reception at the Rio Hotel Convention Center back in 2016.


Genworth Awards Dinner 10945647_10204954893659476_1267744197785863556_n

Genworth Awards Dinner

Genworth Awards Dinner in Dallas. Good friends and great celebration of accomplishment back in 2015.

Art Jetter 45200391_10215885264111906_5355634470751830016_n

Industry Legends at NAILBA in Orlando

It was great to see an industry legend and good friend Art Jetter at #NAILBA last year. Beautiful location at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando Florida. 


DeLorean 13697079_10208866666251346_7749585272725147025_n

A DeLorean at an Onsite Visit Life Project

Back to the Future convention at our hotel. Several real DeLorean Cars. Very cool! Life project at Horace Mann in Springfield, Illinois 2016 with Ken Leibow and Aditya Mehta 

DTCC 14522878_10210967094799726_4073298791012520107_n

DTCC Event in Vegas

DTCC event in Las Vegas with the Genworth Team – Fun Reception and Great info back in 2016. 


Genworth dinner at the Ritz 11169067_10207017038371805_7882117118615574628_n

Genworth Dinner at the Ritz

Great friends at the Genworth Dinner at the Ritz in Orlando. Looking back at NAILBA34. w/ Ken Leibow, Laura Murach, and Brian Bulakitis

Chairmans Reception 15137529_10209963582153558_2045250803156606832_o

NAILBA Chairman’s Reception

Standing next to 2 industry legends, Reed Ashwill and Lynn Williams, at the Gaylord Resort in Dallas at NAILBA35.


InsuranceNewsnet 15078953_10209981884851114_737804055703146718_n

InsuranceNewsNet Event

InsuranceNewsnet After party #NAILBA35. Live band. Hanging out with friends. What a fun event! — Ken Leibow with Raul BlancoJenn McLeanLucy Hountis and Brian R Bulakites

SMM 12241666_10207016782165400_4802602059908615508_n

Superior Mobile Medics 20 Year Celebration

Superior Mobile Medics 20 Year  celebration prior to joining the ExamOne family. Great time with good friends at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando. John Reynolds, Ken Leibow and Lauren Sproles



IRI Reception with DTCC

Good friends from the current & past DTCC family. The best in the industry!

Genworth Dinner Cruise NAILBA 33 10600666_10204435457913907_3364955764776977373_n

Genworth Dinner Cruise

Fun time with good friends on the Genworth Dinner Cruise in Florida – from back at NAILBA 33. 


Ebix AnnuityNet 43350216_10215724679857400_5985536796744744960_o

Ebix AnnuityNet Users Meeting in Atlanta


Great to see old friends at Ebix and HSBC at the AnnuityNet Users Meeting in Atlanta. Best event to learn new features coming on the platform and it’s a lot of fun!

GNW iLTCI 11051857_10205364465178508_6702922116698966294_n

Genworth at ILTCI Best Team

Genworth at ILCTI – The Best in Operations, Technology, Underwriting and Sales all in one Pic! (Andrea Say, Ken Leibow, Ray Dinstel & Michelle Kosoi)



ILTCI 1977300_10204897159096148_7096830784747071606_n

ILTCI Best Long Term Care Conference

ILTCI has a talented team for creating the BEST & most attended annual Long Term Care Insurance Conference with engaging workshops & top expert-lead discussions. It’s truly a fun networking event!

GNW ilTCI 10408962_10205371792281681_1446772298595461933_n

Genworth Reception at ILTCI

Great team! Genworth recpeption at ILTCI in Colorado.



ExamOne 17349661_10211103608133495_3710336734531652929_o

Friends at ExamOne at Aria Resort

Friends at ExamOne at the Aria Resort & Casino. We always have a great time! I like that ExamOne’s mission is focused on improving the Life Insurance Applicant’s experience through simplified processes. #examone #insurtech #InsurtechE


LIDMA 1525331_10206759916583921_7390086456191272016_n

Fun Times At LIDMA

Fun times hanging out with Friends at a LIDMA Conference. Lynette Fredericksen, Jeff McCauley, Michele Ohler, and Ken Leibow


Water IMG_0074

By the Water Night Before Big Conference

Hanging out with friends from Ebix, PaperClip and other great people in Life InsurTech. Beautiful night outside by the water having a few laughs the night before a big conference with Exhibit Halls and General Sessions.

AIG IMG_2013

It’s a Small Industry

Great to see good friends at conferences like Eric Taylor and Mike McFadden. We worked together at Genworth and they moved on to AIG.



Having Fun at iPipeline Connections

Networking and hanging out with friends at iPipeline Connections in Vegas! It’s always a fun event where everyone in the Life InsurTech industry gets together.


LBTC at NAILBA Making a Difference

Join the Life Brokerage Technology Committee (LBTC) again this year at NAILBA. Latest technology trends and great networking opportunity!



DocuSign Conference Great Networking

Making new friends at the DocuSign Conference in San Francisco.

DocuSign IMG_0317

DocuSign Conference in San Francisco

The premier eSignature Solution Provider, DocuSign held a great conference in San Francisco back in 2016 at an incredible location!


BGAs IMG_1268

NAILBA Mooers Award Dinner with BGAs

You really appreciate the significant contribution that NAILBA and the BGAs have made to the industry when you attend an event like the NAILBA Mooers Award Dinner!


LIDMA in St. Louis

Great friends! LIDMA is the association that has always focused on the growth of life insurance professionals involved in direct marketing. Their annual event is a great place to learn about the latest technology, industry trends and network.



Genworth Team at NAILBA Mooers Reception

Great tradition that Genworth took a Team photo every year at the NAILBA Mooers Reception.

eAvaulate dinner IMG_1754-SMILE

Underwriting Dinner at Shoemakers

Underwriting Dinner at the famous Shoemaker American Grille – it was once a shoe factory. Paperless Solutions Group eValuate Field Underwriting Tool.



LBTC Wins ACORD Implementation Community of the Year Award

Proud moment when the Life Brokerage of Technology Committee (LBTC) won the ACORD Implementation Community of the Year Award. Presented by Greg Maciag, CEO of ACORD to Mike Abrahamson & Ken Leibow former Co-Chairs of LBTC.

GNW IMG_3664

Genworth Road Warriors

Nothing better than being on the road attending conferences with good friends and associates from Genworth! Ken Leibow, Shelby Hollister, Harold Kelly, & Michelle Kosoi


Genworth ILTCI IMG_4878

ILTCI Conference Is All About Networking

Fun times networking and making new friends at ILTCI.  It’s the best conference where once a year the Long Term Care industry gets together.


NAILBA Jack Chiaason, CEO

Great memories of NAILBA Events for 10 years with Jack leading the way.


Bill and Craig IMG_2050

NAILBA Pioneers and Friends

NAILBA Annual Conference has industry pioneers and innovators bringing together 30 year friendships. Ken Leibow, Bill Shaw and Craig Klenk

Genworth IMG_4875

ILTCI Genworth Dinner

Genworth every year hosted a private event  for LTC distribution partners at ILTCI.




ACORD Events for Life, Health and Annuities

The best of Life, Health and Annuities attend ACORD events because data standards are critical as the engine to make the seamless exchange of information successful!

Genworth LTC IMG_1569

Genworth LTC Everywhere

It was a great opportunity to network and make friends in the industry because Genworth Long Term Care was exhibited at all industry events.


Utal InsTech IMG_5816

Utah Mountain Retreat – Insurance Technologies Users Conference

What a great place to host a users conference at a resort in the mountains of Utah – Insurance Technologies – Learned a lot about FireLight eApp for Annuities. Jennifer Yerly, Ken Leibow & Monica Martin

IRI IMG_5302

IRI Conference  InsurTech for Annuities

Best people meeting together at IRI for InsurTech for Annuities including DTCC, ACORD and the many critical Solution Providers. 



The PaperClip Team

PaperClip is the leading innovator for imaging, secure email and digitizing documents. The friendliest team: Yvette, Mitchel, Suzy, Mike and Stacey


Good Friends at SelectQuote

Great to see good friends from SelectQuote at the Mooers Reception.




IRI Ops & Tech

Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) Ops & Tech Conference attracts the best companies and people in InsurTech for Annuities. Great place to network and learn the latest technology for Annuities.


Dinner with the Life Data Standards Elite

ACORD Data Standards for Life & Annuities are driven by leaders like Sandy Hampel, Marianne Sherman, Cliff Chaney, Andy Falvey & Ken Leibow



Genworth Life Sales Team a Fun Time

If you hung out with the Genworth Life Sales Team, you were always guaranteed to have a fun time!

BGAs IMG_1242

Hanging out with BGAs in Dallas

NAILBA Conferences do recycle back to Dallas because it’s such a great place to visit. NAILBA is the best networking opportunity to meet with BGAs.



NAILBA Mooers Banquet

There is nothing classier than the NAILBA Mooers Award dinner, and it is a great event to share with friends. Art Jetter, Ken Leibow and Todd Johnston

ACORD 2018IMG_1682

ACORD Connect  Dinner

ACORD Connect is a great event every year. Dinner with the team! Data standards are critical to the success of Life InsurTech.



LIMRA Distribution Conference

Building relationships and friendships with distribution is absolutely essential to learn how to provide the best service and technology.

39612_169028033111340_8256130_n (1)


InsurTech for Life Insurance builds friendships that last forever. Going back to the archives 2010. Ken Leibow, Bob Harding, Joann Mattson, Ashley Franco



Genworth Sponsored Event at the Bellagio

Genworth always hosted fun events. The #Hyde at the Bellagio in Las Vegas back in 2015.


ACORD L&A Team in NY

The original L&A ACORD data standard experts.


iPIpeline Vegas

iPipeline Connections Vegas

iPipeline Connection Conferences has informative sessions and hosts fun events. It’s one of the best networking opportunities in the industry and great to see good friends.


Superior Mobile Medics Memory

Great memory of the Superior Mobile Medics team at their booth at NAILBA34. They are now part of ExamOne.



St. Louis Always a Great Place for a Conference

This conference memory goes back to 2014. It’s mandatory to get the famous Arch in the background.


ILTCI Colorado Springs

Beautiful winter wonderland in Colorado Springs! ILTCI always puts on a great conference every year. This pic of Sandra Latham, Jim Glickman & Ken Leibow was the pre-planning meeting in Colorado.



Prudential Events at NAILBA

Prudential always hosted fun parties at NAILBA.  The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes.


Genworth Team by the Lake

The last time the Genworth team was together at NAILBA. Great friends!



ACORD – LOMA USS Midway San Diego

On board the USS Midway in San Diego attending the ACORD/LOMA Conference – What a great group and fun times! Mr. & Mrs. Chris Chartrand, Melanie Carter, Andy Falvey, Slades, & Ken Leibow


Wedding During a Business Conference

Joann’s beautiful wedding! Found this memory of our Life insurance family together during a memorable conference. Ken Leibow, Ashley Franco, Michael Sladek, Rose Sladek, Ernest Vidal, Barbara Swider, Bob Harding, Paul Medve, Ellen Medve, Ed Moshinsky, Susan B Wucinski Keuer and Jeff Kraber. 



Data Standards & Innovation in Nashville

Despite the seriousness of Data Standards, and emerging technologies like Blockchain with industry organizations like ACORD & RiskBlock Alliance, how can you not have fun in Nashville!

IMG_0464 1

NAILBA Mooers Award

It was a fantastic evening and a great honor when NAILBA presented the Douglas Mooers Award of Excellence to Eugene Cohen back in 2015. There is no one more deserving who had and continue to have such a distinguished career in the Life Insurance industry!



Golf Champions

It’s always great to see that industry leaders also have the skill to conquer the greens at the NAILBA Annual Golf Outing!



It’s now become a tradition at the NAILBA Annual Conference for #ExamOne to host a Margarita Mixer. Always a big turn out and a fun event!



NAILBA Charitable Foundation

Since 2002, NAILBA Charitable Foundation grants have helped to give blind children the gift of ‘sight’, create whimsical rooms for desperately sick children, provide hope to homeless mothers and children, and ultimately achieve its mission of making dreams come true for those less fortunate. Genworth, like many carriers,  whose donations helped many children and families!


Genworth on the Road

Fun road trips with Genworth showing our innovative technology and new life products. We were a great team!



NAILBA Mooers Banquet Memories

I look forward every year to share with friends at the NAILBA Annual Conference and there is not a better formal event to top off a great week than at the NAILBA Mooers Banquet.  Great friends lots of fun at the Mooers Banquet in Dallas at NAILBA35 in 2016.


InsureTech Connect Familiar Faces

Great to see familiar faces at InsureTech. The best & the brightest in the Life Insurance industry. #ITC2017— at Caesars Palace.



LBTC Industry Veterans

NAILBA 36 at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, Florida, November 2017. The Life Brokerage Technology Committee (LBTC) success in building out technology standards is the result of InsurTech professionals who volunteer their valuable time and resources.



Brokerage Resources of America Key Admin meeting. Great Panel Discussion on Data and Image storage in Jun 2015.



Ebix Reunion

What a great moment back in 2015 when 6 ex-Ebix employees find each other at a conference celebrating their success since parting ways years before, sharing the new chapters of their professional lives. It really is a small industry.


Diversified Underwriters Services, Inc.

The original DUS team has been attending almost every NAILBA conference 30 years. Raul Blanco, Ken Leibow & Jan Spitzer