“A One Stop Life Insurance Resource.”




Flexible Insurance, Marketing, Management & Administration System


A Single System for Countless Products

A Single Platform for All Devices

FIMMAS is a complete, integrated system for the support of a wide range of group and individual insurance products. The same programs, screens, menus, and procedures support life, health, and annuity products.

> Table Driven Solutions Reduce your time to market with a modular platform and table-driven product design. FIMMAS can scale up or down to your specific business needs, while reducing maintenance and offering a consistent user interface across product lines. FIMMAS helps you cut costs while increasing your productivity.

> Industry Wide Knowledge and Experience For over 35 years MDI’s industry backed knowledge gives you the advantage of simplified training, streamlined support for customers with multiple product lines, and support for all billing methods and modes. We have a proved track record supporting new lines of business with rapid design, test, and go-live capabilities


MDI’s FIMMAS Web Portals offers out of the box solutions to support your stakeholders

Life, Disability Income, & Long Term Care

The FIMMAS System, from MDI, is known throughout the insurance and financial services industries as a full- function administration system FIMMAS is also being used to process disability and long term care products, simply and efficiently.

Long Term Care Portfolio

Initial Analysis to Final Implementation in 8 Months

Transitioning From Health and Medical Systems to Implement Individual Life and Worksite Products

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