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Some Things In Life Go Great Together

Some Things In Life Go Great Together

Date: 2021-05-25

You need streamlining of processes and service to help your agency thrive. PaperClip handles document management and application processing while SmartOffice helps agencies drive production and provide first-class service. Together, they make a great team!

PaperClip Integrates with SmartOffice. This includes:

-Virtual Client Folder is an all-inclusive document management, new business processing, and document delivery solution accessible through SmartOffice
– PaperClip Mojo transforms handwritten insurance applications into SmartOffice pending cases using cloud computing and crowdsourcing.
– eM4 allows your SmartOffice letters and emails containing confidential information to be sent securely. eM4 is feature rich and includes Proof of Delivery, Proof of Readability and Proof of Agreement, an e-signing solution.

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