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Insurance Innovation in Action

Insurance Innovation in Action

Date: 2022-04-13

Actionable insights for today’s financial professionals

What You’ll Learn

Life insurance is a $20T asset class. Historically, tools and information access have not been available to support financial professionals with post-sale servicing efforts, meaning life insurance has been undermanaged and under-monetized compared to other assets. Without a framework for proactive management of inforce policies, financial professionals – whether that’s a bank, broker-dealer, distributor, or independent advisor – are missing out on massive opportunities to protect client relationships and grow their business.

How can financial professionals capitalize on all the potential premium savings, new commissions, and additional AUM within their existing book of business?

Proformex has the data, technology, and industry expertise to transform the life insurance market. Our team is reimagining how the industry can realize more value from inforce data and safeguard their client relationships.

Join us in the first installment of our new leadership series to hear more about why our solution to this industry-wide challenge is unmatched and how you can help drive the change that’s long overdue in our industry.

Transformation is not one-dimensional. Take an active role alongside us in the movement to better protect policyowners and their beneficiaries, and unlock tremendous value for yourself along the way.


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