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Enlivening the Frozen Book of Business

Enlivening the Frozen Book of Business

Date: 2021-09-09

September 9th, 2021
10:00am PST | 1:00pm EST


Ben Brantley from Sureify will be joined by industry-leading technology experts: Ann Mengelson-Clark, Kuvare; John Keddy, Security Benefit and Chad Hersh, AWS to discuss the value in “Enlivening the Frozen Book of Business”, without having to spend a fortune to convert off an “old system.”

Prior to COVID, life insurers saw modernization as prioritizing the installation of a new back-end system and then seeing what could be delivered to their users. Today, insurers have shifted their focus to the front-end to better understand the end user experience and how policyholders, agents, brokers and customer service providers will be affected. This pivot emphasizes the value in using low code/no code platforms to develop reusable components that can wrap both active and inactive books.

Join the discussion to discover the “hidden” value in supporting the closed books of business without allowing them to burn up the brand.

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