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Energize Claims Operations with Streamlined Automation and AI

Energize Claims Operations with Streamlined Automation and AI

Date: 2023-04-25


Revolutionize the way insurance companies process claims. By automating manual process, such as data entry and document processing, claims handlers can focus on high-value tasks that require human judgement, while also reducing the potential for errors. Join the discussion and submit questions to our panel of experts to determine how incorporating automation and AI can provide numerous benefits for carriers and policyholders.

In this 1hr session with use-case examples and Q&A integrated throughout, our senior Claims experts will discuss the following:

• Strengthen claims processing with data-driven tools that improve operational agility, increase profitability and reduce claims leakage

• Utilize RPA, NLP and WFM to accelerate processes, elevate experiences and keep customers informed and engaged throughout the claim lifecycle

• Get the balance of automation and people power to work seamlessly to amplify employee productivity and drive the culture of innovation

Join the discussion at 11am EST, Tuesday 25 April 2023.

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