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Interactive Presentations



eNoah’s illustration support service, led by an executive professional who understands your needs based on over 20 years of experience in the US life insurance industry, provides illustration support for Term Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Long Term Care. The number of reports generated per day depends on various factors, such as the number of scenarios requested and the kind of product, but turnaround time for the vast majority of illustrations is 24 hours. Almost 98% are completed during the same business day, and day-end orders are delivered before the start of the next business day. By leveraging our support, you can improve profitability, process efficiency, and cash flow while reducing cycle time and cost.


We typically support around both Basic/Regular and In-Force illustrations, but can also support supplemental and LIRP illustrations.


In-Force Illustrations


Annually, carriers may choose to provide, or the owner may request, periodic updates on a policy’s performance. These updates are provided in the form of in-force illustrations, which are similar to the basic illustration in almost every way, including the listing of the insured’s age, the issue age, and the number of years the policy has been in force. The illustration will show exactly what has happened from the initial policy inception to date, with future projections based on current assumptions.


In-Force illustrations are extremely important tools for evaluating the performance of any given policy over time. If a policy has not performed to the level originally anticipated, changes can be made to improve future performance. In-Force illustrations enable intelligent policy adjustments that can make the difference between a strong insurance policy and a policy that lapses due to poor performance.


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iPipeline’s Illustrations supports comprehensive features, what-if scenarios, needs analysis and advanced sales concepts across all life and annuity product lines including UL, Index UL, Variable UL, Whole Life, Term, Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities, and Disability / Health lines.

ForeSight® Life and Annuity Illustration Software


Insurance Technologies ForeSight® aligns illustrations with the way insurance and retirement solutions are sold. ForeSight is an intuitive and responsive point-of-sale insurance illustration software solution that supports key aspects of the sales process for multiple lines of business and product types across diverse distribution channels. With robust rules and pre-built sales tools, ForeSight delivers a dynamic and guided sales illustration process, producing compliant and compelling illustrations for annuities, life, long-term care and more. Highlight your product differentiators and provide a clearer picture to prospective and existing policyholders with ForeSight.


WinFlex Web Insurance Illustration Software



Ebix WinFlex Multi-Carrier Insurance Software is a web and desktop software system that provides standard entry for multiple life insurance carriers. Both the WinFlex and WinFlex Express interfaces allow users to run multiple carrier illustrations while only requiring them to learn one system.

  • Single System Simplicity and Power
  • ONE System Illustrates Many Carriers – Eliminate the frustration of learning each carrier’s software. Enter data once to produce a common format that illustrates many carriers.
  • Side-by-Side Comparisons – Compare multiple carriers/products in an easy-to-explain side-by-side presentation.
  • Advanced Sales Concepts – Illustrate the latest sales concepts including split dollar, deferred comp, and executive bonus.


Case Design & Illustration

Assurance Ensight

Introducing the first “single-entry” illustration quoting platform that helps agencies, case designers, wholesalers and producers streamline the illustration process. Finally! A way to enter insured information and case design parameters once to drive multiple carrier and plan illustrations. No more toggling between carriers and plans! A one stop shop.


Discover how Intelligent Quote can help you transform your work day and business with:  An Intuit-like experience with a clean and easy to navigate user interface Enter insured and case design information only once to drive multiple illustrations Benchmarking features to help evaluate the best carrier and plan to recommend Intelligent Quote is the first web-based, multi-carrier illustration platform that streamlines the life insurance illustration process with “single entry” quoting.

Reduce the time you spend on case design by up to 30% and create more free time during the day for consultative selling.